Custom and Decorated Cookie Pricing

One dozen minimum order.  Decorated butter cookie pricing depends on the shape and complexity of design.  Please note the prices below are starting prices, actual price may vary.  Individual packaging and displays are additional.

                                                 Basic               Detailed             Elaborate

Small (Up to 3")               $1.50                 $2.25                  $3.00    

Medium (3-4")                 $2.25                 $3.25                  $4.25 

Large (4" and Up)            $3.50                 $4.50                 $5.50

All orders over $50 require prepayment at time of order.

Whoopie Pies

$1.50 each.  1/2 dozen minimum order required.  Individual packaging and displays are additional.  Choose one of our popular combinations below or pick from any of our buttercream frostings for your filling.

Chocolate with Vanilla

Chocolate with Marshmallow 

Chocolate with Peanut Butter

Chocolate with Maple Bacon

Vanilla with Raspberry

Vanilla with Coconut

Vanilla with Caramel

 Cookie Menu

Most Popular Cake Combinations

White/Raspberry * Chocolate/Peanut Butter * Chocolate/Raspberry * Chocolate Stout/Irish Cream * Chocolate/Mocha * White/Caramel * Red Velvet/Cream Cheese * Lemon Blueberry/Lemon * Lemon/Raspberry * Chocolate/Orange * Pumpkin/Brown Butter * Chocolate/Maple Bacon

Buttercream Frosting


Vanilla * Chocolate * White Chocolate * Irish Cream * Peanut Butter * Mocha * Caramel * Cream Cheese * Coconut * Lemon * Blueberry * Blackberry * Raspberry * Strawberry * Cherry * Mint * Orange * Cinnamon Spice * Egg Nog * Brown Butter * Hazelnut * Chocolate Hazelnut * Maple * Maple Bacon * Espresso * Cookie Creme * Salted Caramel * Marshmallow * Cookies and Cream

 Standard Cake


Vanilla * White * Chocolate * Chocolate Stout * Caramel * Carrot * Coconut * Lemon * Lemon Blueberry * Lemon Poppyseed * Red Velvet * Strawberry * Almond * Hummingbird * White Sour Cream * Pumpkin * Cookies and Cream * Banana * Cola * Spice * Maple

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 Other Sweet Treats


$2 each.  One dozen minimum order. Available dipped in vanilla or chocolate.  Individual packaging and custom

displays are additional. 

Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Oreo Truffles

Nutter Butter Truffles

S'Mores Truffles

Rum Balls


Cupcake and Cake Pop Pricing

 Our cupcakes and cake pops are available in any of the flavors above.   Cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cake pops require a minimum order of 12 per flavor.  Individual packaging and displays are additional.

Standard Cupcakes start at $2.25

Specialty and Filled Cupcakes start at $2.50

Fondant and Custom Design Cupcakes start at $2.75

Mini Cupcakes start at $1

Standard cake pops start at $3

Monogram or logo cake pops start at $3.50

Sculpted Pops start at $4

 Cake Servings and Pricing

There are several factors in determining the price of your cake, including size, flavor, style and complexity.  Please note the prices below are starting prices, actual price may vary.  

Single Tier Round Buttercream Cakes

6 Inch - $30 (Serves 8-12)  

8 Inch - $40 (Serves 14-20)

10 Inch - $60 (Serves 22-28)

Multi-tier, fondant, custom and specialty cakes start at $75 minimum and pricing is based on size, shape, flavor and complexity.   All orders over $50 require prepayment at time of order.



 Strawberry Puree * Raspberry Puree * Mixed Berry Puree * Lemon Curd * Cherry * Key Lime * Seasonal Fruit  


Or any of our buttercream frosting flavors

French Macarons

$1.50 each.  One dozen minimum order required.  Individual packaging and displays are additional.  All macarons are gluten free and made with almond flour.  Available in a variety of colors and with the fillings below:

Raspberry * Lemon * Strawberry * Vanilla

Coffee * Chocolate * Caramel 

Peanut Butter * Nutella

Cookie Flavors and Pricing

All cookie orders require a one dozen minimum order. Individual packaging and displays are additional.

Standard Cookies  - $1.25/ $15 dozen

Soft Sugar * Chocolate Chip * Double Chocolate Chip * Peanut Butter * Oatmeal Raisin * Oatmeal Butterscotchies * Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip

Specialty Cookies - $1.75/ $20 dozen

Glazed Lemon * Triple C (caramel, coconut and chocolate on a thin cookie base) * Italian Elegant Bars (triple layered almond cookies with raspberry and apricot filling, cloaked in chocolate ganache) * Walnut Butter Balls * Brown Butter Bourbon Spice * Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons * Almond Sandwich Cookies (with raspberry or chocolate filling)